Busoasis Photographs

This is a collection of photographs showing the work of Busoasis during the past 12 months.
BIGBUS  The Bus! 24  The Management! 01  Fellowship talk at Highgate. 02  SOFA IT Training.
03  iPad training at New Horizons 04  Football Cage 05  Christmas on the Bus. 06  Playing Pete!
07  At New Ebenezer. 08  Chilling! 09  Help from Below? 10  Working with New Horizons.
11  Flower arranging, Blackburn House. 12  Flower arranging, Blackburn House. 13  Some of of our team. 14  Youth at the bus station
15  Joint partnership working with West Yorkshire Police YFC, and HYP, part of operation HEELSTOKE. 16  Road Safety awareness day. 17  Supported by WYP Mounted Division 18  Puppets On Board at Love Calderdale
19  BBQ on the Bus 20  Halifax Charity Gala 21  Halifax Charity Gala 22  Chilling
23  Football Cage 25  Puppet On the street! 26  The Bus Strapline